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New Window Installation in Kansas City From Zen Windows

Zen Windows is the favorite window installation company in Kansas City with a substantial enough selection of energy-efficient windows to fit in with any style and the service to make installing windows a good experience rather than a hassle. Residential window installation is a worthwhile investment in terms of the comfort and value of your home. Still, it’s essential to know all the details and upgrades available to ensure you get the highest ROI.

Every part of a window should work to your benefit. The glass panes and the material of the frame and how a window operates play an important role in what you’ll get out of them over many years. We’ll share that information with you and encourage you to work with Zen Windows as the window installation company in Kansas City that brings value to homeowners.

Will Residential Window Installations Increase Real Estate Value?

A new window installation has one of the highest returns on investment in terms of home improvement projects. Homeowners in Kansas City regain up to 70-85% of their new window installation expenses when they put their homes up for sale. That means if you have $1,000 worth of expenses for your new residential window installation project, the home value can rise as much as $850. But you get extra value when you consider the energy savings.

Homeowners' energy efficiency is one of the top priorities today, which is why buyers are willing to pay more for properties with newly installed windows. Modern, energy-efficient windows make it easier to regulate regulate indoor temperature by sealing off the interior of your home from the outside temperature. A good seal will reduce the need to run heating and cooling systems, significantly minimizing your monthly energy bills and literally allowing the window installation to pay for itself in the long run.

What Makes Windows Energy-Efficient?

Every homeowner in Kansas City should be interested in boosting their energy efficiency. The advantages include increasing your home’s value, decreasing your monthly energy bills, reducing stress and overuse of your HVAC system, and bettering your family’s comfortability. With a window installation company like Zen Windows in Kansas City, you’ll also be get to beautify your home with the many styles of energy-efficient windows we offer.

Some general factors make an energy-efficient window: the sort of window (single-hung, double-hung, etc.), the material it’s built from, and the number of glass panes. It’s also necessary to have a qualified window installation company handle putting them into your home, as a tight fit is required to create a proper seal. Zen Windows in Kansas City gives you the ability to customize your windows with several types of glass panes for the energy efficiency to go with your home’s needs:

  • Double-pane glass provides double the insulation of standard single-pane windows. A pocket of air is created between double-pane windows that boost energy efficiency.
  • Triple-pane glass goes one step further than double-page windows. Since they have two gaps of air, heat loss is minimized exponentially between the exterior and interior of your home. With triple-pane glass windows, you’ll see considerable differences in hot or colder months.
  • The air pockets between double-pane or triple-pane windows can be pumped with krypton or argon gas. The density of these gasses diminishes heat loss better than air alone.
  • Low-E glass coatings are an excellent addition for improving the energy efficiency of your windows and getting the greatest value from your installation. Glass with Low-E coating blocks harsh sun rays and heat, maintaining your interior spaces cooler without depending so much on your HVAC system. It's also effective the other way around depending on how the coating is applied, so your home stays warm by stopping the heat from leaving.
  • Warm-edge spacers are used in energy-efficient windows instead of metal in the frames. Metal isn't considered energy efficient because it loses heat too easily.
  • Double-strength glass has a thickness of 3.2 mm compared to the standard 2.5 mm. Thicker glass isn't much more expensive and provides improved insulation and longevity.

Zen Windows Window Installations

Zen Windows is a top window installation company in Kansas City that provides you the specs you need to know, not just what you want to hear. Luckily for you, we offer a range of styles and upgrades at competitive rates, so you can get exactly what you're envisioning at a price that fits within your budget. The windows we install are built to have a beautiful appearance and keep your home warm or cool from season to season to make it a more enjoyable place to be. Our simplified process helps you buy the sorts of windowdesigns you want without an upfront payment or high-pressure sales tactics.

We handle your window installation with your needs in mind at every turn, even the cleanup when we've completed it. Come to us first and avoid the typical hassles of other companies. Our installers have you covered with durable, high-end products and we assist you in protecting your investment with a double lifetime warranty.

Follow the Zen Process

Zen Windows in Kansas City has the widest catalog of high-quality, energy-efficient vinyl windows. Energy-efficient windows enhance your property value and save you money on energy consumption. Our services are also better than you’ll find anywhere else.

The Zen Process gets rid of all the inconveniences of the usual window-buying process. We have no pushy salespeople—our reputation and products speak for themselves. Just send us pictures and measurements, and Zen Windows installers will flawlessly install new windows and throw out any mess when they’re finished. You don’t make a payment until after the installation is complete. Our double-lifetime warranty is 100% transferable to the new homeowners if you sell and surpasses industry standards. Make a worthwhile investment that pays for itself with Zen Windows.