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Installing new casement windows is the perfect way to enhance your home with elegance without paying for significant renovations. Zen Windows has the team you need to get the window replacement job done quickly and efficiently.

Buying your new casement windows begins online. Get a free online quote today and start your home project in no time!

What Are Casement Windows?

Originating from Britain and Germany, casement windows are some of the earliest forms of movable windows, featuring a hand crank that pushes out so it opens and closes like a door.

French casement windows, which have two panels that open inward, have become more popular — especially in American homes. Casement windows are similar to awning and hopper windows, where the hinge is on the top or bottom instead of the side.

Installing Replacement Casement Windows Has Big Benefits for Homeowners:

  • Improved ventilation: Because these windows open wider and more completely than traditional windows, homeowners have the added benefit of increased ventilation, which can reduce energy costs when cooling the home.
  • Stunning views: Unlike bay or bow windows, whose architecture can obscure your view, casement windows have fewer muntins — wood, vinyl, metal, or fiberglass pieces that separate panes of glass — and provide a better view of the surrounding property.
  • Increased security: With hooked latches on the inside, casement windows provide an added layer of security, as they are much more difficult to break into.

The size, style, and price of your casement window will vary depending on your preferences. Trust the professionals at Zen Windows to have the size and style you like at a price you can afford.

What Are the Parts of a Casement Window?

Casement windows contain many different parts to operate accordingly, including the:

  • Frame: Where the window permanently attaches to the wall.
  • Casing: Often, the frame is surrounded by decorative molding to seal the area between the frame and the wall.
  • Sash: Where glass panes are held; this part, as well as the frame, can be made from wood, metal, vinyl, and other materials.
  • Hinges: Because of their door-like function, casement windows need hinges to open and close.
  • Crank: A crank handle is usually placed at the bottom of the window, causing it to open when turned in one direction and close when turned in the opposite direction.
  • Stays: Additional hardware bars are necessary to support the window and ensure it cannot be displaced by inclement weather.
  • Latches: Casement window latches provide better security and are more difficult to break into.

Our installation professionals are well-versed in the mechanics of casement windows, making the job smooth and simple from the start.

When Should You Use Casement Windows Instead of Double-Hung?

Because casement windows are less common, they can cost slightly more to achieve the same level of customization as double-hung windows of a similar size — which leaves many homeowners wondering why they might choose casement windows over double-hung when they need a high-quality, operable window.

  • The most obvious benefit of casement windows is the ease of operability and how big an opening you can achieve. An entire casement window will swing out, creating an opening the size of the whole window. By contrast, a double-hung window will always have sashes blocking part of its opening.
  • A casement window can be customized to have nothing obscuring your view at all, making them an excellent choice if you want a view or a lot of light. A double-hung window will always be at least partially blocked by the structure of the window.
  • If efficiency is a high priority, casement windows win. The design of a casement window allows for a very tight seal along its edge, and a tighter seal always does better at keeping outside air out and conditioned air in. Double-hung windows can be efficient, but all things equal, a casement window will be more so.

When and where you should use casement windows versus double-hung windows also comes down to the aesthetics and style of your home. In older, more traditional-style homes, double-hung windows often provide superior curb appeal — but in more modern designs with sleek lines and less-ornate decoration, the simplicity of a casement window can't be matched for exterior appearance.

The simplicity of casement windows means they can also be used close together more easily without creating a busy visual distraction — for example, if you want a line of windows in your dining room for an excellent view, but you want them to be operable and thus don't opt for picture windows.

Contact the Zen Windows team today at (877) 583-0423 to learn more about how to use casement windows for maximum effect!

Why Choose Zen Windows for Casement Window Installation?

When you choose Zen Windows, you choose to deal directly with an owner, agree to our no-money-down guarantee, and receive a double warranty from us and the window manufacturer. You'll also get a free quote when you submit your information online.

The comfort of your home is important to us. Get your casement window installation started in no time. No deposit, no pushy salespeople — just high-quality, professional window installation and replacement at a price you can afford.

Casement Window FAQ

Casement windows have a sash on the side of the window and open outward using a hand crank. Since these types of windows swing out, they work best when there is plenty of room on the house's exterior. These windows typically work well above kitchen sinks.

Some casement windows can open inward instead of outward – these windows are called inswing casement windows.

If casement windows break, it is usually related to the crank, which makes it hard, or even impossible, to open the window. This issue can be repaired, which saves you money and saves you from costly replacements.

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